The Power of Time – Good-bye 2018, Hello 2019

“I can buy anything I want but I can’t buy time,” Warren Buffet counsels Bill Gates. Bill was in awe of his friend of 25 years as Warren flipped through the pages of his paper calendar. There were days with absolutely nothing on it!

We fill every minute of our days, wrestling with our priorities and schedules. “Sitting and thinking may be of much higher priority than what a normal CEO has with their demands,” Bill ponders. We choose.

Those working 16- to 18- hour days may either fear job loss, financial loss, or perhaps identity loss. How do you tell them that work doesn’t define your worth? We choose.

I’ve observed some with the luxury of both time and money on their hands juggle between dipping a little further into their “deep pockets with their short arms” (their words) and holding back for fear that there won’t be enough money left so that they can live a little longer more comfortably, a paradox indeed. We choose.

Due to extreme health issues this year, close friends had to confront their mortality. Accepting this sudden loss of time has shaken us all. Incomprehensible is their presence once vibrant will now be their absence. We choose?

Doing the math (a calculation I learned from Sandra Shamas, a Canadian comedic actress) is quite sobering. Take the number of years you think you have left to live and multiply it by the number of days. As a feisty optimist, I’m staring at 10,000 days which doesn’t seem like a lot so I checked it again. Yep, that’s all, 10,000 days. So days turn into hours and into minutes and then into seconds and I am STILL I’m  short of a billion.  What can I do with 883 million seconds? Take Warren Buffet’s advice, “I better be careful with it (time).”

As the new year approaches, sit, reflect, and think. Then choose.


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