The Power of Seeing is Believing

I’ve had almost a week to distill the insights I’ve learned from our audience of emerging and new entrepreneurs last Tuesday at the Richmond Hill Small Business Enterprise Centre.  And I can’t help but marvel once again”the universe unfolding as it should” which is what my good friend, Bernard, says and believes.

My strong desire to do something good, something meaningful in my next “act” has confounded me since I closed my food business over 10 years ago.  I do a whole lot of digging (you should see my well worn”shovel”) and oh the discoveries, they could fill a notebook or two.

Sometimes we stand too close to something we desire … so close that we cannot see.

Seeing is believing!

A great example of standing too close physically is on the squash court.  Our squash pro, Bryan, repeatedly tells us to  “stand back from the wall so you can strike the ball properly. When you’re too close, you can’t generate any power from your swing.”  Sometimes he takes a video of us to help see for ourselves the lesson to be learned.

So I knew on some level my superpower was connecting the dots, networking, putting people together because I could always see the possibilities.  But what does this really mean?  Until my talk, networking was something I took for granted.  I did it without thinking, always seeking to help others by connecting them.   Until I looked into the faces of our audience and heard their questions did I realize how curious they were to learn more.  Until I could step away and face my audience and not face myself could I see the potential and power of sharing this skill through teaching.

I was standing too close and I could not see.   By sharing and teaching people how to network better, how to connect with people, and also how to connect people,  the world CAN be a better place.

As this epiphany hit me hard like a meteorite crashing through the roof, the universe was also reaching out and sending signals to my network, transmitting something good, something magical to those who might be able to help me spread the good word.  Stay tuned for  Version 3.0 of “Network:  Anytime, Anywhere With Anyone”!

Making a difference by connecting one dot at a time.

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