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The Power of Belief

I forgot my parachute when I finally made the leap into entrepreneurship   All I heard were Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous words “I believe … I believe… Now is the time …”

Entrepreneurs believe.  We believe as we power through the doubt and the many naysayers so we can follow our passion in our hearts and heads.  “I believe … this is the best idea. ever.  I believe I can build a company.  I can sell.  I can create jobs.  I can because I believe and I will.”  Sound familiar?

I believed as I dove head first into the food industry where I had no business being in.  Armed with little knowledge and no experience, somehow not knowing what I didn’t know became the catalyst for courage in my beliefs.  I knew no fear.

Year 1 quickly became 2, then 3.  We grew and grew until we were looking at Year 12 and when the unthinkable happened.  Our bread-and-butter client of ten years wiped us out with no notice. We were one of many small business vendors de-listed by the big grocery giant when they decided to streamline their distribution and forgot to tell us they didn’t need us any longer.

The cash suddenly stopped flowing.

Without a parachute, we landed hard. SO hard.  I wrestled  with the “why’s, how’s, and what next’s”.  Exhausted, I turned to a good friend who said, “ There is a way out albeit a painful way out.  Everybody deserves a second chance.”  He was right.  Now ten long years later, I have the clarity and trust to believe once again.