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Inspiration 2015

Good-bye to 2014!  Onto new projects in 2015!

Project Think Tank

Think Tank 2015 will be fun if nothing else! With no specific agenda, I am bringing together a group of smart young like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds to see what happens! Idea incubation = ideation ?

Project Mentors For Many

Finding ways to best engage my roster of Mentors from 2014! This brilliant and seasoned group of multi-talented greats have much to say and share!

Project Food Finds

On the hunt for foods which fascinate and need a hand in launching. Starting off on the spicy trail first.

Project 1st Book

Yes, it’s time to take a big step in this direction. Forward and format formed. Ready, set, go!

Project TED

I’m taking the plunge and honing my public speaking skills.  With help from my media savvy friend-coach,  it’s practice practice practice and maybe… hopefully…take the stage!

What are your projects, goals, dreams for 2015?