In with the “In” AND with the “Old”

There’s a lot to be said about the tsunami of all things internet aka #IOT and the virtual world.

Speed is of the essence. ¬†Speeches by the hip and cool contains words about speed – “fast, faster, fastest”, “nimble”, “hurry, hurry hard (oops, curling call to action)”. Time is ticking, dammit!

The “new” phraseoology (note the middle letters in this word, “SEO”) amuses me – ¬†“discussion” becomes “conversation”, “random” is no longer confined to math, “talking” becomes “texting”. ¬†Sometimes I feel like “The Martian” who got off at the wrong space shuttle stop and fell to Earth.

Talking Heads
Talking Heads
Talking Heads
Talking Heads

However, most of the time, I stand back in awe and amazement and celebrate what a wonderful world and age we live in… together – young and younger and youngest! Talk to me. I mean text me.


4 thoughts on “In with the “In” AND with the “Old”

  1. All these lightning-fast internet natives are running circles around me, too! I need someone to slow down every once in a while to explain their Ember on Rails site architecture or Continuous Deployment suite. It’s a fast world, no matter how fast you are (or how fast you think you are) at adopting a new technology or methodology; it’s almost certain there will be someone quicker!

    1. Good to know I am not alone. However, Christopher B, in the circle of things, I know and respect that you are ahead of the curve. Thanks for sharing your comment.

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