#Hashtag Talk 6 – Get Giving

Give and Take#Help(Un)wanted



Some givers are dangerously heading towards #burnout. In Adam Grant’s “Give and Take”, they are the “selfless givers”.

To be of service to others has always been big in my books but I’m #learning.  I met a young upwardly mobile careerist and he told me: “My LinkedIn profile is sacred. I keep my list of contacts strictly professional.  So let’s not link in.” Me: Ummm… sure, ok. #Help(Un)wanted #learning

On another occasion, I had lunch with a young professional who just returned from working abroad for a quick visit.  I thought it might be helpful to introduce her to a colleague who now heads a huge conglomerate also in her part of the world. She was quick to ascertain, “What does he do specifically?”  I shrugged, “He does whatever CEOs do, lead his company.”  She declined. #Help(Un)wanted #learning

Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” offers amazing insights on givers like me. “Selfless givers” are very susceptible to #burnout while “otherish givers” are able to stand back to read “reciprocity signals”. He reminds us “sincerity screen” and that successful givers trust most of the people most of the time. #learning

I highly recommend “Give and Take” in particular to “selfless givers”.  Professor Grant, Wharton School’s highest-rated professors, neatly pulls together how the world works that makes sense.  And in light of all the recent catastrophes, we are ache to make some sense, any sense, in our world.  #learning

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