Hashtag Talk #4 – On Being Sixty in the Six




A cold and dreary day in the Six and I have no urge to hop on my bike or make a move other than to make coffee or finish reading “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” by Vishen Lakiani.  I did my biz bit today and sent out a few tweets along with a few follow up emails.

A quick glance at my calendar (yes, paper) and #SixtyInTheSix looms exactly 2 weeks away. I curse as the dreaded day draws another day closer.

Maybe I should be reading the Globe and Mail journalist, Ian Brown’s “Sixty: The Beginning of the End, Or the End of the Beginning”.  Is one man’s 60 another woman’s, what?  40 ? Why doesn’t my squash battered body know this?  And to all you 30-somethings on court bashing the ball about gleefully, You. Just. Wait.

Maybe denial will help ease the pain.  Don’t show (hide the grey) and for God’s sake, don’t tell (unless you’re blogging, another form of denial because how many blog at this age unless you’re under 30 or maybe if you’re Ian Brown).

When @WalterIsaacson , author of the exclusive biography, “Steve Jobs”, was asked by a young man (of course, they’re all young), “What’s up next for you, Mr. Isaacson”?  He replied, grinning and without missing a beat,  “I just #KeepItMoving !” #LuckyinLIfe

So I’m curious.  All you #SixtyInTheSIx, what’s up next for us?

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