Hashtag Talk #3 – Pause and Reflection




The quiet calm and #stillness when one is about to wake up in the morning is the best and most creative time of the day for me, the irresistible draw of a clean slate, a new beginning, a start to a brand new day just waiting… like a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that it is a “gift”.   Mine arrived yesterday morning via an email from a former client and mentee from Riyadh.  He’s a smart, young recent grad from Cairo, now working in Riyadh, after landing in Canada in 2014 and was quite joyous to send me a positive career update.

I gave him a quick snapshot of where I’m at and asked him to wish me luck as I was about to give an important presentation in a couple of hours.

And so he wrote:

“You, my dear friend, are one of those people who don’t need luck whatsoever.  I know the wish you wished me back when I came to you (at the settlement services organization), and I’ll wish it for you – “May your stars align and your days be happy!”

#stillness…that make me stop in my tracks.  I don’t know how to describe how I felt  –  maybe a sense of wonder that he remembered… and I had forgotten; a sense of comfort and #peace that his email arrived just when I needed a boost of confidence; or maybe this overwhelming sense of gratitude that I had the opportunity and privilege to help someone so long ago and he, in turn, reached out from afar and helped me? #mindfulness

Thank you, Akram, thank you very much!  Onto a brand new day!

Kyoto Calm
Kyoto Calm

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